Which are the most efficient autumn diets?

Once autumn is installed, your body must get ready for the temperature change. It is clear you can’t carry on with the light summer diets anymore, because the organism needs to get fortified with the help of vitamins, minerals and healthy proteins. How can you lose weight without negatively affecting the immune system, in such a sensitive period? Here are the most efficient autumn diets:

  1. The Mediterranean Diet

This diet covers the entire nutrients array you need to be healthy in the cold season. It is based on the balanced the-mediterranian-diet-pyramidconsumption of fibers and Omega 3 fat acids. This diet will allow you to satisfy most cravings, since it permits you to consume olive oil, fruits, fish, dairy, red meat, whole cereals and even wine, all in moderate amounts. The Mediterranean diet is perfect for those who don’t accept starving themselves, but are not attracted to fitness gyms either. For it to succeed, you have to follow some alimentary rules:

  • Fruits, vegetables, whole cereals, olive oil, beans, oleaginous fruits, seeds, aromatic herbs and spices must be part of the day-to-day diet
  • Twice a week, but in small portions, you can consume cheese, yogurt, eggs, poultry meat
  • Three times a week you must eat fish or sea food
  • Fat meat, pastry, sweets and fast-food should be avoided
  • 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in-between are compulsory

It is indicated to replace mayonnaise and butter with olive oil. Besides, it is scientifically proven that olive oil helps you lose weight in a healthy way. Spices and herbs also play an important role in the Mediterranean diet because they contain active ingredients that destroy fat cells and increase your metabolic rate. This diet is very much a lifestyle; it will help you detoxify your organism, protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases and make a habit from eating healthy.

  1. The Montignac Diet

The basic principles of the Montignac diet are: consuming carbs that do not contain fibers and avoiding fruits after meals, since they ferment in the stomach. Thus, the diet only restricts the consumption of harmful carbs. For this reason, it is very healthy and prevents cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes mellitus (type II Diabetes). Invented by Michel Montignac, this diet represents an innovative weight loss regime, eliminating fear of regaining extra pounds. Being structured in 2 phases (phase 1 – weight loss and phase 2 – maintaining weight), it proposes simple principles: 3 meals a day, eliminating bad carbs forever and not mixing carbs with lipids; all this without limiting the amount of food or calories. Therefore, the Montignac diet is another diet which is in fact a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The regime sounds very attractive, because you can eat any amount of the allowed foods (unlike diets based on food calories) and, moreover, chocolate is allowed.

montignac-dietTo start the Montignac diet, it is highly recommended to read one of Michel Montignac’s books, in order to become familiarized with the process and modifications that take place at the pancreas level. Here are the 2 phases explained:

  • Phase 1 implies the consumption of foods with very low glycemic index (GI = 35, or less). The diet encourages the consumption of proteins from fish or vegetable. The chart of foods GI is to be printed and carried around until you learn all foods by heart. Examples of foods with low GI: black beans, peaches, wild rice, yogurt, carrots, garlic, apples, peas, oranges, apricots, lentils, soy milk, tomatoes, humus, lemon, soy flour, cabbage, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, peppers, mushrooms, avocado, olives, almonds etc.
  • Phase 2 is less strict, supposing consuming foods with low or medium GI. The menu allows two options: proteins and lipids, or carbs and fibers. Either way, you don’t mix carbs with anything. Lunch should be the main meal of the day. Examples of foods with medium GI: pineapple, kiwi, grapes, peanut butter, rye bread, sweet potatoes, whole cereals, oat, mango etc.

  1. The Dukan diet

principles-dukan-dietThis diet is famous for its extraordinary results. It is a weight loss program that consists of 4 steps. The main idea is consuming proteins. Proteins have important nutritive qualities, but also have the capacity of inhibiting excessive craving. More than that, they bring along esthetic benefits, such as a shiny skin. Dukan was a neurologist who became a nutritionist. As mentioned, Dukan diet contains 4 steps: the attack, the cruise, the consolidation and the stabilization.

  • During the attack stage, you must strictly consume protein foods
  • The second stage allows you to introduce vegetables, besides proteins
  • The consolidation stage is the most dangerous of all and the only one in which you can relapse; this is why it only lasts 10 days during which you introduce fruits and other healthy foods that ensure the necessary nutrients
  • The last stabilizing stage consists of rerunning the attack stage, once a week.

During the Dukan regime, you will not feel hungry, which is important for the cold season when the organism requires more energy than usual. Even if it is extended on a longer period of time, it has proved to be very efficient, with long-lasting effects. Although developed several decades ago, the Dukan diet is still popular in 2015.

All in all, Montignac, Dukan and the Mediterranean diet are all recommended alimentary regimes in autumn 2015, with the bonus that they can easily be followed all year round. These are not starvation diets and do not deprive the body from the necessary nutrients it requires during the cold season.  Remember that, if you expect quick results, exercising at the same time is the key.

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