Ways to develop to be assertive

  1. Stand up for what you believe in and be yourself

Being confident in what you know and making yourself known to the people around you doesn`t make you vain and it most certainly doesn`t make you seem aggressive. In a society where people try to copy one another`s personality or try not to stand outbecause they fear rejection, there are some strong personalities that stand up for what they believe in and these kind of persons will be admired by the rest. It is very important not to be changed or influenced by others. All changes must come from within. Usually, people take a stand and become assertive when they feel threatened.But people should represent themselves on a daily basis. Speak up your mind, what can possibly go wrong? Are you afraid of rejection? People that really know you will understand. And people that won`t listen to you maybe aren`t worth the trouble. As long as you respect others and their opinions they should respect yours, too.

Being assertive will help you when you plan on growing as a person. Self-development is a key ingredient that is necessary in our lives in order to survive the changes that we are subjected to and in order to achieve what we want.

  1. Don`t back up

Don`t allow others to have control over you. Don`t let others interrupt your speech when you have something important to say, don`t keep silent because you are trying to avoid a conflict, reply in a polite manner, but use a confident tone so that people will respect you. Show them who is in charge of your life-it`s you and only you and there is nothing that anybody can do about it. Better be perceived as being self-confident than being considered a yes man. Pay attention to your body language, too. Set straight, look people in their eyes and don`t be afraid to gesture. More than 80% of what we communicate is in our body language not in the things we say. And try to use the personal pronoun more often. “I” is such a powerful pronoun, it will let people know that what you think is important for you and they`ll pay attention and offer you the respect that you deserve.

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