What it takes to achieve great leadership skills

             The art of becoming a leader is achieved with hard work and practice, although sometimes your preparation, your modesty, your lack of confidence and experience make you doubt yourself. Usually the process of becoming a leader is achieved when you as a person realize that you have the qualities, the skills of a leader. After you realize that you have skills for leadership you’ll have the feeling of fulfillment, helping you become a even better leader.

            Every day we meet situations that need leadership skills to accomplish them, although some situations might be only common experiences. Every chance that you have of being a leader ensures the necessary practice and adds valuable experience. All this experiences will train you for the important future events.

            All the potential leaders have to realize that as a leader you also have great responsibilities. Assuming the responsibility to be a leader is never an easy thing to do, the art of having good leadership skills requires considerable effort. This means pressure, stress and fatigue, but at the same time, you’ll have an immense satisfaction after successfully accomplishing all the tasks needed.

            Since the majority of people are most of the time subordinates, part of an effort to develop your leadership skills and development should aim to subordinate qualities. The two sets of skills are complementary. A handy subaltern knows how to contribute to the success of the leader, while the leader meets the needs of subordinates, to the mutual benefit of all.

            To become a successful leader there are six essential leadership techniques:

1) Your awareness of your own position as a leader;

2) The ability to understand other people;

3) The power and authority;

4) Communication skills;

5) Decision making skills;

6) The ability to assume your responsibility in decision making situations;

Your awareness of your own position as a leader

This is the first step on the road to success as a leader.  Leaders need to reserve their time to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. This will provide growth in performance and self-confidence. There are three aspects of awareness that you need to do: find out what are your leadership skills, self analysis and self-improving yourself.

                                                                             The ability to understand other people

successAs a leader you need to be capable to recognize the differences between individuals. It’s a dangerous thing to believe that all people are the same. Working in groups is more efficient when people are different to each other. Some of the most important aspects of understanding other people are: understanding their motivations, rewording and appreciating their values and penalizing their mistakes.

The power and authority

Elements that contribute to proper exercise of power and authority are exercising the power properly, your leadership style, adapting to different situations and delegating power to others.

Communication skills

To become a successful leader you need to follow a few key elements in communication: the ability to speak and understand to others, social skills and to provide a social understanding environment.

Decision making skills

To have good decision making skills you need to priorities them, to establish clear goals and you have to have a systematic approach.

The ability to assume your responsibility in decision making situations

This last step is based on the previous abilities of how well you can realize them and how you are responsible for all the decisions that affect you and others.

     Each stage of the process focused on an essential part of the art of leadership helping you to become a good leader in any situation or in own business.

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