Living in the Ideal World of Vegans

Just like in the fashion world or in the auto business, trends regarding diets change, but changes are rarely profound. The vegetarian or vegan healthy life diet, however, represented a major change. Vegan diets in 2015 have taken over former popular Atkins or South Beach diets. Trend today turns to a greener direction.

What are the types of green diets?

  1. vegan-cowVegetarians form one category of green diets and are the most permissive group, since some adepts accept animal-derived products in their life, such as eggs, dairy, fish or bee honey.
  2. Vegans are more restrictive than vegetarians, in the sense that veganism is an entire lifestyle, only partly related to food. Besides not eating any animal product, vegans are against using natural leather and fur or cosmetic products that had been tested on animals. Vegans are, above all, defenders of animal rights, consequently they do not consume anything that requires animals being killed. A vegan healthy life discourages raising animals in consumer purpose or killing them based on a poorer productivity. Further, vegan diets in 2015 (based on scientific research) consider animal fats and proteins to be dangerous because they increase risk of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, arthritis etc. On the other hand, plants contain active enzymes, fibers, but no cholesterol and unhealthy fats. Usually, vegans are former vegetarians.
  3. The raw food diet is the most restrictive of the 3; adepts generally consume only vegetal foods, preferably organic, always unprocessed. This diet starts from the idea that enzymes represent the force of aliments and are destroyed or altered if passed through fire. Enzymes allow us to digest food without calling on our own digestive enzymes. By comparison, processed foods take longer to digest, filling us with fats, proteins and carbs, and depriving us from energy and good disposition.

Raw diets themselves know 4 more categories:

  • The raw vegetarian diet includes vegetables and fruits, but also eggs and dairy
  • The raw omnivorous diet allows vegetal and also animal products, but consumed raw
  • The raw carnivorous diet means consuming raw animal products
  • The raw vegan diet

vegan-food-dietThe raw vegan diet is the most popular, but most difficult to follow. All aliments – strictly vegetarian – are consumed without thermal processing, or are processed at a temperature below 47 0C. Why? People go back to nature and remember that they were created to be vegetarians. According to Darwin’s evolution theory, we derive from primates that used to be vegetarian. According to biblical faith as well, Adam was feeding himself on plants. It was only after the great flood that God allowed people to consume meat. But then, there is the other half of population who thinks that man has been carnivorous for thousands of years, meaning the entire body is suited for that. A radical change, such as veganism, would totally destabilize man and his organism.

Adepts of the raw vegan diet believe that cooking vegetables can destroy nutrients from food. As an alternative, they can be prepared by soaking, germinating, fermenting or dehydrating. Vegans eat living food, derived from biological agriculture. Their aliments lack additives, food colors, and empty calories. Healthy vegan diets should include: fruits, vegetables, walnuts, seeds, sprouts, herbs and algae.

When it comes to deficiencies that are typical to vegan diets in 2015, researchers achieve numerous studies. For a healthy life, vegetarians, vegans and raw vegans need supplements that normalize the levels of calcium, iron zinc and vitamin B12. The latter one is the most complex vitamin and is almost completely absent in a vegan diet. This is linked to serious anemia and neurologic disorders.

 Benefits of vegan diets:

  • More energy
  • Cleaner skin
  • Improved digestion and immunity
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased risk of cancer
  • Cholesterol drop
  • No risk of contamination with diseases specific to animal products (like e. coli or salmonella)

Most controversial drawbacks:

  • Preparing food takes more time
  • Excess fibers can lead to digestive problems
  • Inexistence of some minerals and vitamins that are only found in cooked food. For instance, lycopene from cooked tomatoes is not found in raw tomatoes. Also, cooked carrots contain more carotenoids the raw carrots
  • Deficiency of vitamin B12 especially
  • A certain toxicity of raw foods, like buckwheat, apricot seeds, parsnip, manioc, harmful for the brain
  • Fat acids Omega 3 are probably the biggest challenge for vegans. These acids are very important for the brain and cardiovascular system and are found in large amounts only in fat fish, like salmon, which is forbidden in healthy vegan diets.

Who are the most famous vegans? Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson, Brad Pitt, James Cameron, Al Gore, Ellen DeGeneres, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Natalie Portman, Russell Simmons, Barry White, Alicia Silverstone.

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