Happiness in a relationship: things you need to know

There are a lot of signs that you can read that will help you maintain happiness in your relationship. If you pay attention to them you might avoid sleepless nights, grumpy moods and you might end up being one of those couples that everybody looks up to.

  1. Pay attention to body language

You may be surprised, but more than 80% of the things that we communicate to one another are made through body language; to be more precise we communicate things and involuntarily reveal parts of our inner thoughts by gesturing, using a certain tone and adopting a certain position when talking. You can “read” your half by observing the things that he or she does. Judging on the way he crosses his arms or the way he nods his head, you can tell if a situation bothers him more than he would like to admit. Based on these criteria you can better things up by changing your style and adopting a different attitude; an attitude that would be oriented towards your significant other, not only on yourself.

        2.  Be honest

Don`t try to use subtleties. Even if the person next to you knows you by heart, there are some situations when people can`t read between the lines. None of us are psychics, so it is best that you first practice a little introspection to realize what you want from your partner and try to communicate that to him to see exactly if he is able or willing to try to see things your way or try to offer you what you need. Maybe the person next to you really wants to make things work to make you happy, but without any guidance from your part, it`s like shooting in the dark.

        3. It takes two to tango

There must be equality in a relationship. You should try walking in your partner`s shoes before starting an argument. You can talk things out before engaging in an endless quarrel that will leave you both upset. You need to reach a mutual understanding and acknowledge the things that you are willing to do and the things that you won`t be able to sacrifice or compromise in this relationship. To manage all these things you need to know yourself and your partner pretty well. And you both need to invest time and dedication in this relationship so that both parties are satisfied and happy with each other. You should contribute to this relationship, but the person next to you should desire the same thing, too. Try telling your partner what bothers you from the get-go. Don`t bottle everything up, because tension will build and you will snap when you least expect it. Be sure that your partner does the same. You should both be able to communicate even if at times you aren`t on the same page. Don`t be afraid of saying what really goes through your mind, if you communicate with each other you can achieve happiness easier than trying to avoid unpleasant discussions.

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