How to ease depression in 5 easy steps

Depression is a state of mind when you are low mood, with a strong disgust and distaste to activities that are affecting your thoughts, feelings, behavior and sense of well-being.

Depressed people are people who feel sad, nervous, anxious in the presence of other people, without hope, guilty, easily irritable. They start losing their interest in social activities, loss their appetite for happiness, can’t concentrate as well as they should, small memory losses, and they could attempt, plan or commit suicide. Other problems that may appear are insomnia, extensive sleeping, energy loss, aches or pain.

The depressed mood is not only a psychiatric disorder, it can also be normal, in some cases like sad events in your life, the symptoms of a medical condition or a side effect of some drugs.

Causes of depression:

  1. Lifestyle:  lack of sleep, bad diet, lack of exercise.
  2. Life events: financial difficulties, job problems, menopause, childbirth, medical diagnostic of a disease, loss of a relative, a severe injury.
  3. Medical treatments: some treatments for Hepatitis C or treatments for high blood pressure.
  4. Non-psychiatric medical illnesses: Lyme disease, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, stroke, apnea.

Ok, it is time to find out how to move from depression to happiness in 5 simple steps:

Step 1.

First you need to find out what causes your depression. To fix something you fist need to find out where the problem comes from and why you still continue to experience a low mood. This sickness varies from person to person, so find out what causes this depression and choose the one that suits you the most.

Step 2.

Second step is doing something positive, anything is good. Just starting doing something is a step forward then doing nothing, this is one of the hardest things and most efficient. Don’t be afraid to ask someone close to you for advice or for some professional advice.

Step 3.

Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. To overcome depression you need to move towards happiness, it’s important to control your emotions with your mind. You need to have confidence and never give up, with practice and more patience you will succeed.

Step 4.

Get rid of bad and self-defeating habits. First of all you need to identify them as soon as possible and eliminate them by trying to do something else instead to overcome them. Remember never to give up, at the end of the day we are what we do. A easier way to find out what bad habits you have is looking in the past and seeing what changes have you made since the depression started.

Step 5.

Try having a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you don’t take care of yourself and try living a healthy life sooner or later you’ll have to make time to take care of your illnesses. Try having an active life, keep your body in shape, stop eating unhealthy food and respect the hours of sleep that you have every day.

Don’t worry, with a little bit of motivation and constant practice you’ll be great in being happy, cause happiness is easy!


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