7 steps on how to overcome difficult situations with success

      We are all experiencing a lot of changes in our lives and we have to cope with some difficult situations, but sometimes this seems too much to deal with and we feel overwhelmed by life and its perks.  The mundane aspects of our day to day life and the routine have made us familiar with particular scenarios. We seem able to predict some things before happening but if something pops up, something very different from what we experience daily we seem to be losing the ground beneath our feet. And this can sometimes lead to frustration, an incredible amount of stress and in more serious cases it can lead to panic attacks. What is there left to do?

Patience is a virtue

I know this may be easier said than done, but patience has its advantages.  A lot of people are advising you to follow your heart and this is a great piece of advice but not in delicate situations. Whenever we feel bad about something, our impulses may cause harm to the ones we love or to ourselves.  If you take things one step at a time, you won`t feel overwhelmed or stressed over deadlines or the level of difficulty that you have to face. You can also make a list regarding possible solutions; this will keep your mind busy and after you write your ideas down on a piece of paper you will feel so much better.

Be positive

Whenever we go through a difficult situation we tend to see only the bad parts about that particular event and we tend to blame ourselves and highlight only our flaws and vulnerabilities. Studies show that if you keep your calm in times of trouble and try to see the good parts in what has happened, you will come to a solution in a matter of minutes. Sometimes things happen for a reason and maybe you needed a wakeup call to appreciate the good things that you already have in your life. Every difficult situation will be part of your experience and each experience will contribute to a broader perspective about life; in the future this will help you  deal with not so pleasant situations in a more mature manner. You will learn to stay focused on solutions, not wallow in self-pity.

Take long, deep breaths

Although it may sound funny, you don`t have any idea how important this exercise can be. If you take long deep breaths, you will slow down your heart beats and keep calm. Your heart tends to race when you experience difficult situations; if you can control how your body reacts, you can control your mind as well.

Try something new

If you are fed up with the difficult situations that you are dealing with, you should try a different approach. Try doing something different for a change. Take up a new sport or go dancing, it will clear your mind of all the unnecessary stress or frustration and it will focus your energy on doing something productive for a change. Doing something for yourself will help you find a solution to your problems easier, without causing you pain or stress.

What`s the use?

So let`s say you are experiencing some problems in your life. But ask yourself “what is the use of getting angry or depressed about it?” It`s no use in letting your worries and problems get to you. Focus on the things that work in your life and try to fix the ones that are slowing you down.

You are NOT a victim

If you think that you are experiencing difficult situations for the mistakes you have made in your life or because this is fate`s decision, you are far off from the truth. Don`t linger and play the victim because you will make a situation be ten times more difficult than it really is and you`ll end up getting stuck in a situation rather than trying to fix it. Don`t get used to problems, don`t think that you deserve what is happening to you, nobody does, but you can make things better if you focus on the problem and find different solutions for it.

Communicate with your friends

There is an old saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. Even if you are a strong and independent person sometimes you need to vent your feelings off. Call your best friend and hang on with him or her. Be honest about the difficult situation you are in; you will be surprised to hear that maybe your friend has experienced a similar thing. It will be a comfort to know that you are not alone and that other people that have gone through a similar thing are fine now.

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