3 Easy Ways To Find Your Inner Motivation

     The biggest war that we experience is with ourselves. Our contradicting ideas, our desires versus our capabilities will make us feel frustrated at times. We can give up easily on our dreams, before even trying because most of us are afraid of failure. But the thing is that we cannot know for sure what we are capable of, if we don`t try it first.

 1.Get out of bed

    As funny as it may sound, if you manage to get out of bed and wake up at decent hours, the entire day is yours for the taking. If you have found the necessary strength to get out of bed and go to work or to school, you have what it takes to follow your dreams, too. Inner motivation is just like breathing, it is vital for our lives and it can be achieved if you practice it long enough. Motivation is also applied when we fight for survival, when we eat; when we drink we struggle to keep alive. Why not focus on your purpose in life, too? Go follow your dreams and never take a step back if you encounter different obstacles in your way.

2.The power of example

    Sometimes, if we analyze the life of an acquaintance, a friend or a family member we might discover that those persons have similar goals with ours. We tend to compare ourselves with these persons and ask the question “if they have succeeded, why can`t I?” Exactly, why can`t you do the same thing? After you ask yourself this question, you start to practice some introspection and seek the necessary resources in you to make it happen. You start feeling determined and able to maintain your motivation because other people were capable of accomplishing things, too.

3.Practice makes perfect

    Big changes can`t happen overnight. Take baby steps; try achieving something easier at the beginning, then aim high for your biggest hopes and aspirations. If you constantly challenge yourself and achieve something every day, no matter how little it may be, in time you will be capable of much greater things.

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